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Baked Flounder

Flounder Filets
Salt and Pepper
Red Pepper

Place filets in metal bake pan and season to taste. Top with mayonnaise and baked till done.

Yum Yum!

Baked Teriyaki Tuna Steaks
2   lbs   Fresh Tuna Steaks
1/2 cup Teriyaki
1/4 cup Saki or Sherry
1/4 cup  Water
1/4 tsp   Oil, Olive Oil or Sesame Oil
1    tsp  Ginger, grated
Conbine Teriyaki, Saki or Sherry, Ginger, and Water.
Marinade for 30 minutes turning steaks frequently.
Coat fish grill thoroughly with a No Stick Cooking Spray.
Place fish in the fish grill and place on your BBQ gill.
Baste with the marinade often while cooking fish to taste.
Cooking time is from 3 to 5 minutes per side. To test doneness,
insert the tip of a knife into the center of the fish and observe the 
color and texture. Tuna is best if slightly under undercooked,
a redish color in the center, or lightly cooked through, brownish
color in the center.
Boil the remaining marinade and serve over tuna steaks or serve
on the side.
Wild Game Recipes 
Wilderness Calls Wild Game Recipes
Wilderness Calls believes in conservation by planting trees and preserving the natural forest.  We place a strong emphasis on the conservation of our wild life also, through the consumption of what we harvest.   

Staying with conservation, we have many recipes that will help anyone find ways to cook wild pork, venison, fish and the list goes on.


We have compiled a small sampling of our own personal wild game recipes to help you cook the tasty wild game and fish you may harvest. They range from venison recipes, wild pork recipes and fish recipes, to recipes for small game.

There are a lot of myths about how wild game is not good to eat. We hope to dispel some of these myths by offering a range of ways to prepare the tasty food nature has to offer. Venison is a lean meat, with little fat, making it a healthy meal. There are books written on how healthy fish is for our diet. Using our Wild pork recipes you can create a very tasty dish. Take a few minutes and check out some of our favorites.

We do hope this will help refute the old myths that say wild game is not a tasty meal!

Wild Game Recipe for Deer Lasagna
 pkg (16oz) Lasagna noodles, uncooked

1 (150z) container ricotta cheese

1 pkg (6 oz) shredded parmesan cheese

2 eggs

2 jars (26oz) favorite pasta sauce

1 lb ground venison

1 lb ground beef

1 small onion (chopped)

2 cups (8 oz) shredded mozzarella cheese

Italian seasoning (2 tblsp or to taste)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Combine ricotta cheese, the parmesan cheese and eggs; mix well.

In large skillet, brown ground meat with chopped onion. Add sauce

and Italian seasoning. In a 9x13 baking dish, spread 1 cup pasta meat sauce.

Layer with uncooked lasagna noodles, ricotta cheese mixture, uncooked

lasagna noodles and 1 cup of pasta meat sauce and mozzarella.

Repeat layering. Top with remaining half of parmesan cheese.

Cover tightly with aluminum foil; bake covered 1 hour.

Remove foil, bake 10 minutes longer.


Makes 9-12 servings

Prep time: 20 minutes

Wild Game Recipe for, Deer Casserole
1 pound ground deer meat
3 or 4 large raw potatoes; peeled and sliced
1-10oz. can of vegetable beef soup
1-8oz. can of cream of mushroom soup
1 small onion; diced
pepper and garlic salt to taste

Place sliced potatoes in bottom of casserole dish.
Break ground deer meat on potatoes.
Add garlic salt, diced onion, pepper and soups.
Cover and bake at 325F for one hour or until potatoes are done or throw on the grill for a hour.
Wild Game Recipe for Baked Wild Hog

Ham- (wild hog, preferably 100-120 lbs)
2 Onions
Your taste of seasonings
3 Potatoes
1 Bottle Beer ( Your brand for your ham)
Hot Pepper if you like food that kicks
Bacon grease or 1/2 lb bacon

Take aluminum foil in a pan so that ham can be wrapped and sealed in it. Place ham in foil and pour beer over it. Place bacon grease or strips on ham. Slice onions and place on top of ham.Slice potatoes the long way and place around ham and then sprinkle all with spices. Seal all ingredients in aluminum and do not open foil until done cooking. Cook on low heat 3-4 hours and then turn up to 450 for an additional hour or two.

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