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Video Interviews with Double "D" Customers 

    Here you will be able to hear testimonials from individuals that have and are obtaining more Double "D" gravity deer feeders.  You will hear why other individuals are purchasing the perfect deer feeder, the DOUBLE "D".   This way you can hear from individuals from all over the USA.  As the Guru always says, "don't just take my word that the feeders are great, listen to what other people say about them".

The Guru travels into the heart of COON country, the center of La. to deliver more Double "D"s to a true Cajun. The Bush Hill Plantation already has over 20 Double "D" gravity deer feeders but that was not enough. He sets down with Brandon, the plantation forman to discuss the awsome Double "D"s.


      The Guru travels to Kentucky to deliver a Monster Buck Double "D" gravity deer feeder to a client that heard about the great Double "D" feeder and had to have one. He testifies how the price did not detour him from ordering, because he was informed how great the feeder is.


The Guru travels to Indiana and delivers a load of Double "D" gravity deer feeders to who he believes is a member of the Indiana Omish Mophia. The individual only agreed to the interview if he was not identified. The Midwest feed store, Midwest Farm and Pet, is in the middle of Amish Country, surrounded by fields of corn/


    Another smart individual is tired of hogs consuming his High Dollar feed and purchases a couple of the Double "D" Big Buck gravity deer feeders. The no waste in the Double "D" helps keep the wild hogs from visiting the Double "D" gravity deer feeders.


   Another satisfied customer, orders a number of the Big Buck Double "D" gravity deer feeders. He tells how bears treat the worlds greatest gravity deer feeder, constructed of american galvanized steel, and make in the USA.  He also covers how snow can not stop the perfect feeder from working.


   The Guru delivers another Big Buck Double ""D" gravity deer feeder to a happy user of the Double "D". The greatest deer feeder on plant earth, all made of american galvanized steel, and produced in the USA, with USA technology.

      The Guru takes the time to point out some of the does and dont's to a new customer. Covering topics from set up of the Double "D" to why it is coom proof. He takes the time to answer all the new client's questions in depth.

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Double  D  Gravity Deer Feeder and Wild Hog Trap Eliminator Gate
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