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Also Visit the Dreaded Black Bear Testimonal page

HELP WANTED!!!!!!! Click here to  join our growing family.

Global Outfitters hunting TV show and videos

Our very own
Wise Old Redneck Guru teams up with Global Outfitters Hunting TV Show.


USA map for hunting and fishing information

Obtain hunting and fishing information for all 50 States. You can check out the fishing and hunting calendars for each State, by clicking here for more information.

Hunting Packages

Our Ga. hunting packages offer whitetail deer hunting, turkey hunting and wild hog hunting. Youth hunting packages are also available. Book your GA hunting trip today! 

Gun storage

Handgun hangers

NEW!! Clear off the shelf space in your safe and expand the capacity with Handgun Hangers.  This product organizes handguns under the shelf, creating more storage space above the shelf.

It is for guns with an overall length of 10" or shorter.

Fits on shelves five eight to one inch thick.

Vinyl coated

Fits as small as a .22 caliber.

Allow room for length of gun and ensures door will shut when using this product.  Shelf must be at least 10.5 inches deep to use this product.


Welcome to Wilderness Calls, Home of the Double "D" Gravity Deer Feeders

     A family site that welcomes all who love nature or the sport of hunting or fishing.  Join us through our website or our home location in Stewart County, GA, where we enjoy GA hunting.  We specialize in whitetail deer, wild hogs and turkey hunts, while supporting wildlife conservation and the conservation of nature in a balance, in Stewart Co. GA.
     At Wilderness Calls we have created a new concept that mixes hunting and fishing with the conservation of nature. Through our wildlife conservation and the use of the Double "D" gravity deer feeders, the wildlife will continue to flourish, in the wild as they were intended to do from the beginning of time. Through continuous conservation of nature, by planting new forest and protecting the natural forest we have created a place where wildlife will always be welcome.  Our wildlife conservation efforts helps keep a great verity of wildlife present from whitetail deer, wild hogs, turkey as well as a number of smaller animals. You will be able to visit now and in the future, through actual visits or in the form of videos and pictures the marvel of nature in its' purest form.

In the video below, the Double "D" (deer dinner) girls will explain how the Double "D" gravity deer feeders will save you money. Click here for more information about the Original Double "D" gravity deer feeder, the Big Buck gravity deer feeder, the Extended Big Buck gravity deer feeder and the GARGANTUAN BUCK gravity deer feeder. Get your Double "D" gravity deer feeder today and start saving MONEY!

The newest dealer of the Double “D” gravity deer feeders is Chucks Gun and Pawn in Warner Robins Ga.  Twenty five Double “D” gravity deer feeders were delivered on January 15, 2015.  Click here and find out how you can contact Chuck, or one of the many dealers of the Double “D” gravity deer feeders across the USA and obtain your Double “D” gravity deer feeder.

  The Guru has put the four pack of his turkey mouth calls on sale for the months of March!  Yes, spring gobbler season is approaching.   Don't let this great savings pass you by, order now.  You will save 4 dollars by ordering before the Guru realizes what he has done.  Click on the four pack of turkey mouth calls below and order now! 

Turkey mouth calls
Reg. Price:
Sale Price:
All four of Wilderness Calls, mouth turkey calls, enclosed in a plastic case.  This is a value pack offer, allowing you the chance to try all 4 calls at a lower price.  They will leave your hands free and do not limit movement when hunting that large turkey gobbler. 
Two racoons, not in the Double "D" gravity deer feeders

Read questions asked of the various staff members of Wilderness Calls and post your question in this section. Question;  A raccoon got into my Double "D" gravity deer feeder.  How can that be?


Deer Feeders, Hunting Supplies and Hog Traps all Made in the USA

Turkey Gobbler strutting his stuff

Guru waiting to unload 14 Double "D" gravity deer feeders at the Ross Hammock Ranch.  With a load capacity of over 4 tons of feed.


Trophy Buck harvested in Lake Village Ar.

The answer to the WILD HOG problem has arrived!  The Wise Old Redneck Guru is proud to enounce the new Wild Hog Trap Eliminator Gate.  Make od the same American galvanized steel as the Double "D" gravity deer feeders, durable and will withstand the pounding of Wild Hogs.  Click Here to see the latest invention of the Wise Old Redneck Guru.

Large White tail deer in a Double "D" gravity deer feeder.

Let the whitetail deer do the talking!  Dedicated to deer that are using the Double "D" gravity deer feeder. The Wise Old Redneck Guru could not be prouder.

One of Natures Wonderful Creatures, eating out ot the Double "D" grvity deer feeder
dreaded black bear at Double "D" gravity deer feeder

NOT only hog and coon proof, but video evidence that the DREADED black bear will not rip the Double “D” gravity deer feeders to pieces! A bonus, bucks feed from the same feeder.    Check out the dreaded black bear page!!

Wise Old Redneck Guru the creater of the Double "D" gravity deer feeders
Meditating about the Double "D" gravity deer feeders

Wise Old Redneck Guru, Lends his advice on a lost love!

Our web site is geared for nature, hunting and fishing lovers of all ages! Our article section includes advice on GA hunting, conservation of nature and wildlife conservation. There is also a section of  hunting storieswith pictures included as well as our tournament page which hosts our fishing boasting pictures! Along with informative articles, we feature redneck humor, as well as insight, from our very own Redneck Guru. This is your opportunity to ask the Wise Old Redneck Guru questions and get the true redneck perspective.

Nature Photography, one of the many creatures homes.

Plan a Nature Getaway Today. Enjoy watching animals, birds, snakes or insects in their natural habitat? Through our wildlife conservation, we have quite a variety of wildlife. If photography of nature is your hobby, there is nature everywhere and it is undisturbed. You can enjoy a hike and while hiking gather the beauty of nature and peacefulness. Tired of city life and want to get back to the simple way of life , even if it's just for a few days? Wilderness Calls is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your family ,friends, or just yourself, our nature and wildlife makes for a wonderful bonding opportunity with your children as well.

The Guru is proud to announce that Wilderness Calls has converted another large outfitter to the Double “D” gravity deer feeders.  Ross Hammock Ranch now is in the first phase of changing to the best gravity deer feeder on the market, to go along with the successful outfitter operation it already has.

The Wise Old Redneck Guru is now filling all the Double "D" gravity deer feeders at Wilderness Calls with Meadows Edge, the performance nutrition for his deer.

If you have any questions about our web site, merchandise, vacation packages in Stewart County Ga, please let us know.

Contact Us

Phone number (407) 620-8855 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 11:00 PM eastern standard time.

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Supporting conservation and sportsmanship!


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Redneck Guru's Quote of the Week

He who walks on hot coals with bare feet will have burnt feet.

Get the latest Hunting & Nature News
Read interesting up to date stories right here instead of searching the web!

If you are hunting , fishing or exploring nature, check  below and be prepared for the weather conditions! Know if you need to bundle up, dress light, or which camo shirt to wear!

Wilderness Calls now have added the covert trail camas to the great products available here at Wilderness Calls, with free shipping.  Click here to see the four different models available. The Wise Old Redneck Guru uses the Extreme Black 60 trail camera to obtain video research on the Double "D" gravity deer feeders.


      The Wilderness Calls Wild Hog Trap Eliminator gate frame is constructed of the same American16 gauge galvanized steel as the Double "D" gravity deer feeders.  The gate is 8 feet wide and raises six feet above the ground, when it is set or just open to let the Wild Hogs get use to the pen.  This puts the gate above the ground high enough that the Wild Hogs will not be afraid to enter the pen.  The pulley and cable system allows the trip switch to be placed several feet inside the pen, allowing a large number of Wild Hogs to enter the pen before the switch are tripped by one of the Wild Hogs.  The recommended size of the pen should be a half acer or more, allowing enough room to capture the entire family of Wild Hogs at one time.  Unlike the traditional Wild Hog traps, that capture one or two Wild Hogs at one time, the Wild Hog Trap Eliminator gate will allow you to capture the entire family of Wild Hogs.