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Sam Sr. and Samuel Jr. Hunting Stories Arctives 

As time passes and the years evaporate you can see how our two professional hunters have evolved. Enjoy stepping back in time with Sam Sr. and Samuel Jr., while they relive the thrill of hunting.  If you have a little time to kill, feel free to enjoy a few of our stories. 

Sam Sr. Bow Hunt 2008

We can say hunting season is officially open now. Last month I ventured into Bass Pro and purchased a new Toxic Bow, added all the bells and whistles to have what I considered the ultimate hunting machine. After spending several days practicing to make sure I was efficient with the new bow, I decided it was time to go to the woods and see if all the technology and practice paid off. I was up before day light and ventured to what is known on Wilderness Calls as the 8 point stand, which is a lock on stand with skirting around it for extra cover. As day light broke I was enchanted by all God's creatures coming to life and scurrying around in search of food. What was a quit peaceful woods became alive with all the animals waking up. I had been in the stand for about an hour and a half, when I observed a nice wild hog enter the area. I have been hunting for several years and I will admit when she entered the area my heart began to speed up in anticipation of harvesting such a fine animal. To make it more nerve racking was the grunting sounds of other wild hogs in the area. I could see Hogzilla breaking into the area any second, but if he was in the area he did not show himself. After observing the hog feed for over thirty minutes she turned to where I felt comfortable to stand and take a shot. As I was standing up and pulling my bow back the adrenalin began to flow, making it seem to take forever. I then took the shot, it was perfect, and now all I had to do was wait before locating the wild hog. I waited for what seem to be hours, before starting to track the nice hog. I trailed it for only about twenty yards before locating the wild hog. I will be the first to admit all the practice and technology paid off for me that morning.

Samuel Jr. Hog Hunt 2008

Hey readers I had another good hunt at Wilderness Calls. I saw the pics of Hogzilla and figured I would give my dad a call and see if they had any wild hog hunts booked for the weekend. So I went up about a week ago it was my first afternoon on the stand the birds where chirping and the August heat was not holding back. After about 1 hour on the stand it went to raining. Then it started to cool off so I started checking out the back of my eye lids. I was excited when I woke up there in front of me was what I thought was the legendary Hogzilla. I eased my 270 Savage out the window of the box stand and squeezed the trigger when the smoke cleared he was laying right where I shot him.We took him to the local processor where he weighed in at 398 pounds.My dad had the trail pics of Hogzilla, which we compared to the hog I shot. We could tell the wild hog I shot was not Hogzilla .Well thank you Wilderness Calls and dad for another awesome hunt! I will be back come bow season in hopes for one of those giant GA whitetails.

Sam Jr

Sam Sr. North Florida Doe Hunt 2008

At Wilderness Calls we believe in deer management hunting and conservation, in order to have a well developed herd of deer. I have been a member of Hatch Bend Hunting Club for over 25 years, which is located in north central Florida. In the hunting club's beginning, whitetail deer were scarce and there was a no doe hunting rule. This was instituted to build the herd size. When the herd became large. the idea of harvesting does was presented but met with strong resistance by some of the members that could remember when a whitetail deer being visible was rare on the property. Some members still believed that if you harvested a doe the hunting club would revert back to where you could not enjoy seeing deer when you visited the club property. Through debate and education they realized the value of harvesting does to ensure lack of inbreeding and ratio of buck to doe during the rut.

So I chose the second weekend of gun season in Florida to travel to Hatch Bend Hunting Club and harvest a doe. Knowing how important it was to control the doe to buck ratio, I always attempt to do my part. A cold front was just entering the area that Saturday morning and the weather was cloudy and windy. Samuel Jr. had scouted the area and set me up on a leaning tree stand (which brought back memories of my still hunting beginning) on the edge of a pond. At approximately 8 am three whitetail deer entered the area and began to feed on some acorns and corn near the tree stand. There were two large does and a yearling. I decided to pass on the 3 deer, because Samuel Jr. had told me of a large 8 point buck he had seen in the area. As the whitetail deer left the area I remembered that I was there to practice deer management hunting and was a little disgusted with myself.

That afternoon I returned to the same stand as the cold front was fully over the area, scattered showers and wind. Yes it was a perfect afternoon for hunting. This was one time however that I was glad to be in a ladder stand only 15 feet off the ground and not in a climber 30 feet in a tree as the wind howled in the area. At 5 pm the same 3 deer I had observed that morning entered the area and began to feed approximately 30 yards from my stand. The stand was placed in some bushy trees and the deer did not notice it was there, feeding within 5 feet of the stand on several occasions. At this point the howling wind and light rain did not seem to be so bad, as I prepared to harvest the doe that was without a yearling. As part of the deer management hunting, it is always better to harvest a doe that may be past her reproduction prime. The doe finally turned slightly broadside and presented the perfect shot. I took the shot and the doe only went about 20 feet before falling, another perfect shot, making my hunt successful. A total of 9 does had been harvested before I left, which will make the herd stronger for the coming year.

Samuel Jr. North Florida Doe Hunt 2008

It was an over cast day in Florida. I was hunting in one of my clubs that I have been a member of for many years, it was doe week in Florida so I decided to take a mature doe. I had been hunting for a couple of days and saw many deer but not the one I wanted. It was my last afternoon hunt I had about 30 minutes of light left when a nice mature doe stepped out I lifted my 270 savage up and squeezed the trigger and the doe went straight down. I tell you what those 150 gran Remington core locks don't play. It was another successful day in the woods.

Sam Jr.

Sam Sr. October Hunt 2008

We arrived at Wilderness Calls on the evening of the first day of hunting season; there was a chill in the air and the anticipation of a successful week of hunting. The next morning the temperature had dropped into the lower 40s and perfect for the first week of gun season. That morning I decided to hunt at the beaver dam, where Little Samuel had seen several deer and hogs a week before during bow season. I observed four deer feeding through the area, but was not able to get a shot, due to the bushes in the area. I then observed three hogs enter the area. To make a long story short, I took a rushed shot at one of the hogs and yes a piece of my shirt is hanging on the wall of shame.

Through noon that day we scouted the many other areas at Wilderness Calls, where I observed several fresh tracks of deer in the tree food plot. (Named because of the large oak tree in the middle of the food plot) I got settled into the lock on stand in the large tree at approximately 4:30 PM, a slight wind was blowing and you could fell the chill in the air. About an hour later a large sow and 8 small pigs entered the food plot, underneath me. Something in the woods startled them before I could get a shot on the sow, causing them to snort and leave the area. I still enjoyed watching them for the period of time as they fed under me. At approximately 6:00 PM the wind settled down and calm fell on the area, almost breath taking as it was so peaceful. I then observed two deer entering the food plot from the west. As the two whitetail deer entered the food plot I could see that it was a large doe and mature yearling. As the large doe ventured farther into the food plot, I got into position to take a shot. I have hunted for many years but I could still fell a rush of excitement as I knew I was going to have the opportunity to harvest such a fine animal. When she turned broadside, I placed the cross hairs of my Buckmaster scope just behind the left shoulder and took the shot. The doe whirled and ran approximately 30 feet before falling to the ground. It was a clean shot and I had harvested my first whitetail deer for the 2008 season.

Samuel Jr. November 2008 Hog Hunt

It was a freezing afternoon hunt at Wilderness Calls. I was nestled in one of our lock on stands. I heard birds and squirrels playing in the leaves, but I had not seen any deer or wild hogs. It was almost dark when I heard the woods come alive out of no where 3 big sows came running into the food plot I picked the biggest sow out and made a perfect shot. After I loaded her on my Honda rancher I headed back to the camp. Later that night we sat around the fire and traded our hunting stories after eating a nice meal.

Sam Jr.

Sam Sr. Thanksgiving Hunt in 2008

After hunting in North Florida a few days it was time to return to Wilderness Calls. It was Thanksgiving and a tradition started five years ago, so it was time to hunt the wilderness of Wilderness Calls. I was fortunate to harvest two wild hogs the time I spent during the Thanksgiving holiday. A cold front had moved through the area before I arrived on the day before Thanksgiving and the temperature had dropped into the low 30's, a perfect time to hunt. Bill was already at the camp when I arrived, we immediately retrieved the spy cam to see what was caught on film. The camera had been set up just east of the Tree food plot and several bucks and hogs were caught on film. I decided that was where I would spend my Thanksgiving morning, setting in the lock on stand in the Tree food plot.

It was a perfect morning, not a cloud in the sky, frost on the ground, the hunting gods had smiled on me this morning and I was looking forward to a successful start of my Thanksgiving hunt. I settled into the lock on stand, located in the large oak tree before day light. I am still amazed at all the creatures and wildlife that comes alive as the light begins to break for the day. It is like the quiet of the wilderness comes alive with song and all the little animals scurrying around for food.

Then at approximately 8:30 A.M. a large sow entered the food plot underneath the stand I was in, eating acorns. I watched her for several minutes before she moved about 20 yards to my right, presenting me with the perfect shot. I took the shot and she fell right where she was standing. My Thanksgiving week had started off successfully.

It was the last day, Wednesday before I had to return to work when I was fortunate to harvest my second wild hog. I had hunted for a week and seen several doe, bucks and yearlings, none that I wanted to harvest, but each time I observed a deer I set in amazement of their splendor. I had observed several large wild hog tracks at the tripod feeder on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. I decided then that I would spend my last evening hunt in the tri pod stand, located north of the feeder and attempt to harvest another fine wild hog. At approximately 10 minutes after the sun had set behind the trees and the temperature begin to fall rapidly; I heard the sounds of hogs in the woods east of my stand. I began to get excited as they grunted and snorted while they approached the feeder. To my surprise six wild hogs entered the area, all about the same size. Now the real hunt began to figure out which one to harvest. A large wild hog turned broadside and presented me the perfect shot. I took aim and he fell where he was standing, the other 5 wild hogs grunted and ran off. It was a 100 pound young boar. My hunting trip had been much better then I could have imagined, two fine hogs in one week. It will be hard to wait for Christmas and go hunting again when the bucks should be in full rut.

Samuel Jr. Tow Bucks in 2008

Hey Wilderness Calls I figured I would stop in and tell ya'll how my bow season is going in FL. Opening weekend in FL. I shot a 7 point, the next weekend I had a nice 8 point- redneck 9 point come in chasing a doe. My heart was about to pound out of my chest with anticipation that I would get a chance to take such a fine buck. All my hard work and practice was about to pay off. I finally got a chance to pull my bow back; I hit the trigger the arrow hit perfect right in the shoulder and he dropped in his tracts. Well I can't wait to get back after those GA. bucks.

Sam Kight Jr.

                                        Thanksgiving Hunt 2009

It was a great week of hunting! I had harvested a couple of deer the weekend before Thanksgiving and it was back to North Florida for Thanksgiving. On Wednesday, Martus Smith and I decided to help Hatch Bend Hunting Club with a little doe management. We departed for the Club early in the morning, before the old sun had woken up the world. I will admit, riding around slow in the woods is not my idea of hunting, but Mr. Smith is not physically able to climb a tree and this gave him an opportunity to be in the woods he loves and that made the trip a special one. Mr. Smith is a strong supporter of Wilderness Calls and it was my pleasure to spend some quality time with him that day. As we eased through the wilderness in Old Blue, my ever faithful truck, we told stories of hunts past. I am still amazed how the deer and hogs get bigger as time goes on. The wildlife was everywhere, birds, squirrels, turkeys and a few hopping critters. Then as we rounded a curve, about 70 yards to our left in the pines, I observed a large, mature doe. This was what we were looking for! I took aim with my 308 and another hunt was a success. I did not have to wade up to my chest to retrieve the mature doe, as I did when I shot the 5 point earlier in the week. The beauty of this hunt was that Thanksgiving was the next day and we had just harvested food for that meal. You guessed it , fried back strap cooked in gravy with mashed potatoes and all the trimmings. As usual I ate way too much, but it was a truly great Thanksgiving spent with mom and Mr. Smith !

Then it was off to Wilderness Calls to search for that big buck. When I arrived that evening Little Samuel had already retrieved the spy cameras and was foaming at the mouth, from what he had seen on them. As we scrolled through the pictures, we were both struck with amazement at the size of one of the bucks. A 20 inch spread with 10 points and appeared to be well over 200 lbs. We immediately named him "Spread Nasty", for the spread of his horns and how nasty he appeared in the picture, as if he was the king of the wilderness. The hunt was on! After several days of hunting old " Spread Nasty " and observing several smaller bucks over the Redneck Guru estrous, I came to the conclusion he was a dude of the night and did not come out in the light of day. On Monday morning I decided to hunt my hideaway stand where we had taken some pictures of several mature does and a couple of boar hogs the day before . It was time to hunt for meat and do a little doe management on Wilderness Calls. I settled into my lock-on-stand before day light. The stars filled the sky, like thousands of twinkling lights. When day light swept the stars away, the woods came alive with all the little critters that were waking up. This part of the hunt always makes getting up so early worth the trouble, to witness nature as it comes alive. At approximately 8:00 A.M. I observed a large hog entering the area in front of my stand. He fed along the woods line out of site at first, teasing me as he grunted and ate acorns. Then he turned left and stepped into the small clearing. It was a large boar, but none of the ones we had on camera, he was much larger! I eased my 308 into position, trying not to alarm the large animal. Then squeezed the trigger. When I reached the massive animal, I was surprised at the size of this beast! He had to weigh over 250 pounds. Now this was one hunt I was glad Little Samuel and Wild Bill was with me. Yes, it took all three of us to load this large boar. We just barely managed the task though! Another successful hunt here at Wilderness Calls!

Hatch Bend Hunt 2009

Thanksgiving is drawing near and I decided to travel to Hatch Bend Hunting Club in north, Florida to hunt a couple of days, before the big week at Wilderness Calls. I arrived late Friday evening and settled in for the nights rest. The next thing I knew it was 6:00 A.M., yes the great hunter had overslept! Not to be discouraged, I accelerated the waking up process and traveled to the woods. As I arrived at the location where I was going to hunt, the light of day was in full force. Well, at least I would not need my handy dandy flash light to see to get to my stand. The hunting Gods were smiling on me however, there was a heavy fog that restricted the suns' affect. On Friday, Little Samuel had placed some Redneck Guru Doe-N-Heat estrous in the area.
I eased into the climbing tree stand and got set for the morning hunt. As I settled in I could hear a deer blowing in front of me approximately 200 yards. Now this was not a good sign! Had I gotten to the stand too late? I figured, I was there, why not give it a couple of hours though. The woods were alive with all the small animals that makes the setting in a tree stand truly remarkable, to see the little critters in their natural habitat, scurrying around for food. I was content to be fortunate enough to see this marvel of nature.
I then took out my Wilderness Calls grunter and began to grunt in hopes to attract a large buck. I repeated the process several times, allowing about five to ten minutes in-between the grunts. Then I heard a branch break behind me. I could not turn to see, in fear if it was a big buck he would see me, even though I was 20 feet up in a tree. I noticed out to the corner of my left eye, a buck walking beside my stand. It was a five point buck, about ten yards to my left. I moved my 308 into position and as he moved farther in front of me, I took aim and shot. The large buck took off like he had fire in his britches. I waited for several minutes and climbed down to go find my deer.
Now comes the part of the story that I will never forget! First I could not find any blood, could I have missed such an easy shot? If so, Little Samuel would never let me forget it! When the buck left, he appeared to be hit! I began to circle and walk in the area where I had seen him depart, still no blood! Now all hunters can relate to the felling I was having at this point, I am sure! The mind begins to question, did I hit my mark? Why is there no blood and the best of all did he disappear? I had circled for approximately thirty minutes with no luck, when I decided to check the tall grass around a large lake. As I approached the lake I observed a piece of brown in the middle of the lake. Then it appeared to have a stick in front of it. Could it be? Yes! When I put the scope on the object, it was my deer! Where was the John boat? You guessed it, no where I needed it to be! I had to wade out into the lake to retrieve the deer. Now folks that water was cold! As all hunters know however, the cold was not noticed, for I had found my deer and it marked a successful hunt at Hatch Bend, in north Florida. I will say after the adrenalin wore off the wet clothes were extremely cold! But I had what I came for!
Hog call pays dividends (October 24 and 25) 2009

I will have to admit that our new hog calls paid dividends, the second weekend of hunting season at Wilderness Calls. After spending a week in Moultrie, Georgia, participating in the Southern AG Expo, James and I traveled to Wilderness Calls for a few days of much needed rest.

Friday was spent doing spring cleaning, in the fall. Not sure how that happened yet, but it did. After setting in a couple of stands on Friday evening and Saturday morning, I decided to take the Wilderness Calls hog call out on Saturday evening and give it a try. We had observed some hog sign at the Ghetto food plot earlier and it was drizzling rain, so I figured this would be a ideal place to hunt. The Ghetto box stand would be dry and hog sign was present in the area. When I arrived in the stand, me and several wasp had a come to Jesus meeting and they lost. I waited for over a hour before I began to use the Wilderness Calls hog call, enjoying the birds singing and the peacefulness of nature, or it may have been I was to relaxed. About 40 minutes before dark I began to use the Wilderness Calls hog call, pausing about 5 to 10 minutes in between the usages. Then to my amazement he appeared in all his massiveness, a large boar hog, in the back of the food plot. I braced the 308 rifle in the window of the Ghetto box stand to make sure I would have a good shot at the massive animal. It seemed to be forever before he turned to the perfect angle for a shot. I am sure it was only a few minutes. He was approximately 100 yards away when he rooted into position for the shot. I then squeezed the trigger and another hunt had ended successfully at Wilderness Calls. After securing the large boar I traveled to the camp and recruited James to assist in loading the awesome creature.

The next morning I figured, what the heck lets try it again in a different location. I was up before day light and traveled to my hide away stand to hunt. The nature spy cam had captured several pictures of hogs at the stand during the summer, so I figured this would be a ideal place to test the Wilderness Calls hog call again. I got settled in my lock on stand as the morning was coming to life. The creatures of the wild were waking up and letting each other know it, as they sang out to each other. I will admit this is my favorite time to hunt. It is peaceful, calm and then the woods come to life in song and activity, as if the world is waking up. I realized the hunt would be limited, yes it was that dreaded day we would have to pack up and leave for civilization again. I waited to around 7:30 A.M. to start using the Wilderness Calls hog call. I used it several times before I had to get down at 8:10 A.M. Then it was time to get down and make that trip back to camp. I walked approximately 100 yards and seen two large hogs heading in my direction. I picked out a large guilt, set up and took aim. The 308 rang out again and another successful hunt had taken place at Wilderness Calls. It was a great weekend, with the assistance of the Wilderness Calls hog call, I had harvested two nice hogs.

March Hog Hunt 2009
Earlier I wrote an article about post hunting season depression, where I gave some useful advice on how to cope with this dreaded depression.  I now have another chapter to add to this mass hysteria.  It is HOG hunting; yes at Wilderness Calls we have several hogs roaming the Wilderness.  2009 is only three months old, now let me tell you how I bagged this large hog and got a much needed cure for my post hunting season depression. 

     Little Samuel and myself met at Wilderness Calls on Sunday 3/29/09, to catch up on some spring fertilizing and feeding.  Little Samuel decided to turkey hunt the next couple of days; I have not mastered the art of sounding like a girl turkey, which is a must to be successful in the sport of gobbler hunting.  On Tuesday little Samuel woke us up at 6:20 A.M. to set out and harvest a turkey.  I decided that it would be better to wait until around 7:30 A.M. to set out on my adventure.  I had noticed on Monday several hog tracks at the original tri pod feeder.  (This was the first feeder placed on Wilderness Calls five years earlier)  I eased through the woods on my Honda ATV as day light was just breaking, in no hurry.  When I reached the feeder I observed that no hogs had visited the area that morning, so I was in time to see one of the tasty critters.  As I settled into the tri pod stand, I observed several different types of birds scratching around in the area in search of food.  It was just another one of the many wonders on Wilderness Calls; at that point I was content.  I will have to be totally honest here and say after several minutes of the peaceful sounds of nature my eyes were about to check out the back of my eyelids.  This was until I heard a familiar sound about 100 yards north of me.  The sound of a hog squealing and grunting, this brought me to full alertness and now I was wide awake.  The sounds appeared to be getting closer, but I could not see the hogs, but I knew they were headed in my direction.  Then about 20 feet west of my stand they began to appear, all sizes of hogs began to parade by in a half trout.  It was as if they were on parade and each was following the other.  They were anywhere in size ranging 20 lbs. as the smallest and the last hog to pass had to have weighed 200 lbs. or more.  Note he did not venture into the opening.  The smaller hogs broke into the clearing first and began to feed as if they were starving to death.  Then about 30 seconds later five larger hogs joined them, all appearing to be approximately 100 lbs.  I waited for several minutes to see if the larger hog would join, but he never ventured into the opening.  I guess he was being a gentleman and letting the ladies eat first.  After several minutes one of the larger hogs turned broadside, giving me a perfect shot.  They had been eating at a frantic pace, so I decided to take the shot on the nice sow instead of waiting for the large boar to appear.  I took aim with the 308 and another perfect shot.  NOTE::::::: Trust me this is the true depression drug for post hunting season depression. 

It's Buck Madness in South Ga.! 2009

The pre rut is in full swing and I was lucky enough to be right in the middle of it when we arrived at Wilderness Calls. It was the second week of November and the temperature dropped down in the lower 30's. My cousin (Dale) and I went out and did some quick scouting and found some fresh pawing and rubs. We put the trail cameras up to see what was making the rubs and pawing. Later that evening we went back to the camp and cooked a good meal. After our stomachs settled, we sat by the camp fire, had a few drinks and talked about the deer we were going to shoot the next morning. We woke up to a beautiful crisp South Georgia morning, we both saw a couple of small bucks grunting and running around but nothing like what we were after. When we got down out of our tree stands, we retrieved the cameras and went back to camp to see what we had captured. It was pretty amazing when we looked at the pictures on one of our cameras! We had two nice 8 pts on camera. We went and moved a tree stand where we had taken the pictures of the two big bucks.

I couldn't wait to go hunting that afternoon! Finally it was time to get in the stand; as I walked to the stand I sprayed some Redneck Guru doe-n-heat estrous down the trail I walked in on. About 5:00 P.M. I hit my Wilderness Calls grunter and followed it with the doe in heat can. About 3 min. later I heard a deer coming in front of me. When I could see the deer that was making the noise, I saw that it was one of the big 8 pts we had on camera. But when he came out he was only 6 yards from me and looked right at me. He was not quite sure where the deer was he heard, so he turned and went back into the pines. I had no chance to take my shot, this made me so mad you could have fried an egg on my face! But I held it together and hit my grunter a couple of times and put it up and waited. About 6:00 P.M. I could hear a deer coming from my left so I got ready, as the deer came out I could see it was the same big 8 pt. So I put the cross hairs right on his shoulder and pulled the trigger. He ran about 20 yards and fell over.

The guru juice strikes again!

Another one bites the dust! I headed out Monday morning to Hatch Bend, FL hunting club, bow hunting. I have been a member there since I was a boy. My Dad and I have been hunting there for over 20 years. I have shot a couple of nice bucks over the years.

  As I headed to the stand, I sprayed some Redneck Guru doe in heat estrus on the applicators that I had hung the previous Saturday. As it cracked daylight, I could see a spike coming into my stand. After about 10 minutes of watching the spike, I could see his posture changing as he looked into the woods. As I looked the way he was looking I could see another spike coming in. When they met up, it was a sight to see as they went to fighting! After their standoff, the small spike ran behind my stand. As I was watching the two spikes, there was a squirrel with a pine cone in it's mouth in the tree right beside me. He could see me and wanted to bark but seemed to want the pine cone more. As I turned my head back to the spike in front of me, I about fell out of the stand! I saw the big 8pt I had on camera! He was just standing there. My heart was about to beat out of my chest! It took about 5 minutes before he gave me the shot I wanted, but it felt like a lifetime! Finally, the deer gave me a chance to stand up and pull my bow back. As I pulled the bow back, everything went silent as the arrow hit the big 8pt right behind the shoulder. He left there like a dragster! As I watched him run through the pines, I saw him go down about 50 yards from my stand. I was filled with excitement! When I made it to him, there was no ground shrinking. This is the first buck in Florida that I have ever wanted to get mounted! Thanks to the Redneck Guru I am off to a good start! It's only the 3rd week of bow season in Florida and I have 4 bucks and a doe in the bag!

  Don't be the one at camp looking at the other hunter's success! Get the Redneck Guru doe in heat estrus!


  Well, good luck and good hunting!


     Salt water fishing pro/Hunting guide


       Sam Kight Jr.  2009

It's buck madness here in Hatch Bend FL! When I got off work Sunday afternoon, my cousin called me and said he had a spot he wanted me to sit at. So, you know me, I can't pass up a chance to hunt! I grabbed my hunting clothes and my Redneck Guru doe in heat estrus and headed to my cousin's property. As I got out of the truck I dragged some Redneck Guru doe in heat estrus behind me to the stand. After a couple of hours in the stand everything began to calm down. All I had seen were squirrels and one coon. About 6:45 I heard a couple of footsteps coming from behind me. I turned my head and saw a nice 7pt coming down the trail. As he came into range, I stood up and put my 30yrd pin right on his shoulder and let him have it! He ran about 40yds and piled up. The Redneck Guru doe in heat estrus strikes again!

Hey fellow readers it's that time again in Fla. when you suit up in your best hunting clothes and head to the woods, for another bow hunting adventure. Saturday morning I headed to the woods just like 1000's of other hunters, looking for that big buck. I saw a lot of small bucks and a couple of does but I decided to let them go. As Sunday came around my trigger finger was itching. I saw a doe and a yearling about 8:00 a.m. but that was it. It was nearing 10:00 a.m. so I decided to get down. As I looked up I saw a buck coming toward the Red Neck Guru's Doe-in-heat estrous, I had hung (using the Redneck Guru's Applicator) from a tree 20 yards from my stand. I decided it was time to break the ice. I pulled the old Martin Warthog back and let the rage broad head fly. I hit the nice 8 pt right behind the shoulder. He ran about 20 yards and fell over dead. The Guru's estrous strikes again! This is the best doe estrous I have ever used, bar NONE!


Lighting strikes twice as I headed to the woods Monday morning. When I walked to the stand I drug some Redneck Guru Doe-In-Heat behind me, as I walked to my stand. When the sun started to peak above the trees my mind was racing with all the thoughts of a big buck. After a couple of hours in the stand not much was moving. As I was about to call it a day I could hear some turkeys coming in the background. While I was paying attention to the turkeys I could hear something tearing the world up down the trail I had walked in on. When they broke out in the opening I could see a nice 7 point chasing a doe. As he hit one of my shooting lanes I had cut out the summer before. I pulled my bow back and let it ride. As it hit his shoulder he went down like a sack of taters. I love this doe estrous. Well pops another one bites the dust.


Bow Season Begins 2009
It's that time again. Bow hunting season is here. As I headed north all I could think of was a big buck coming by my stand. After getting to the camp and meeting up with my dad. We got our bows out and made sure they were still shooting true. As we sat by the fire we talked some smack about the big bucks we were going to shoot. After sitting in the stand a couple of times we figured out the deer were moving late because of the moon. As the weekend was coming to an end I figured I would head out Sunday afternoon to one of my hideaway stands. As I was sitting in the stand I could hear some thunder in the back ground as a storm was heading my way. But through the thunder I could hear some footsteps in the back ground. As I could see what was making the sounds it was two mature does. As they started to feed under the oak tree I was set up on. I figured it was time to do a little doe management. As the doe looked up to smell the redneck guru doe in heat I had hung from the oak tree it gave me the shot I wanted so I stood up and let the rage fly. It was a perfect shot and a quick recovery as I could hear her go down. After getting back to the camp the bragging began as I showed my dad the big doe I shot. Once again another good hunt at Wilderness Calls. Well now pops is down by two.     
March Turkey Hunt 2009
   Hello fellow hunters and visitors to Wilderness Calls, it is me again, just a few months into 2009.  On Monday afternoon 03/30/09, I was attempting to hunt one of the large hogs at Wilderness Calls all comfortable in a climber when to my surprise about 200 yards in front of me was a turkey gobbling.  I decided that I would rather forget about hog hunting and listen to hear the big bird fly into a tree for the night.  Just before dark I heard the magnificent bird fly into a tree about 200 yards in front of me.  I then eased out of the wilderness and went back to camp; the hunt would be on the next morning.  I advised dad that we would be eating turkey then next day, he just laughed.  The next morning dad said he was going hog hunting while I went to harvest the turkey.  I awoke at 6:20 A.M. and eased back into the wilderness where the large bird had slept the night before.  I located a spot that would be perfect to call the large bird to when he woke up and settled in, wearing my 3-D camo.   As day light broke and the woods came alive, several critters were within feet of my location and did not observe me.  I then heard a hoot owl give out a loud call that was so loud it echoed through the woods I was located in.  As soon as the owl hooted the turkey began to gobble, as if the two large birds were in competition to see which one could make the most noise.  I first attempted to call him into me with a Primos slate call and all he would do is gobble at it but would not venture any closer.  This is when I changed to a bat and cut mouth call, which had this large bird eating out of my hand.  Then he came into view with all his feathers out as he strutted and drummed in the pine forest, truly a magnificent site.  The large bird repeated this for what seemed like forever, but was more like ten minutes, refusing to come any closer.  Then as my heart was pounding in my chest I hit the mouth call one more time and the large bird turned and began to head in my direction.  Just before my heart jumped out of my chest he got close enough for me to take the shot, another successful hunt.  When I reached the camp, dad had a large hog on the ATV but was all smiles to see the turkey as well, saying "son we did good".
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