Wilderness Packages 
Deer Hunting Packages

  We offer deer hunting packages for bow hunting season, primitive weapons and general gun.  Minimum of 2 hunters, maximum of 3 hunters per hunt.  Days can be altered if Thur to Sunday is not workable for the hunters.  The cabin is simi primitive, no fancy do dadas, we are here to hunt.

Fell free to contact the Guru at (407)620-8855 to book your hunt and obtain more information. You can contact us to obtain more information. 

-Begins on Thursday 3PM - Sunday 3PM
Your weekend Includes : Lodging 3 nights and of course lots of hunting!!
Thursday - check in 3pm - settle in and tour area dinner and camp-fire fun
Friday - Brunch, Dinner, Camp-fire
Saturday - Brunch, Dinner, and Camp-fire
Sunday - Brunch  and check out at 3pm

**Prices are based per person**
Bow Hunting  Season -  $1,500.00
Primitive Weapons Season - 2,000.00
General Gun Season - $2,500.00 for one hunter in party, $4,000 for two hunters in party,  $5,000 if party has 3 hunters.
Allotment : 2 doe  1 buck, and as many hogs as you can shoot!
Extra charge : Any buck under 15" spread or nubbin buck is $200.00 penalty,(remember we are also striving to keep nature in balance).

Turkey Season - $1,000.00
Exceptions: turkey with less then 2 inch beard  200.00 penalty and Hens $500.00 penalty ,(we all know we are not supposed to shoot hens!)

**$150.00 per day for non-hunters accompanying hunters ( must be adult 18 or older example: spouse, fiance, significant other)**

Wildlife Resources Division
License and Boat Registration Unit
2065 U.S. Hwy. 278, S.E.
Social Circle, GA  30025
Hunting and Fishing Licenses:(800) 366-2661

*Also if you will be climbing during your hunting, a safety harness will be required, this is non-negotable*                                                                             

For date or information requests click here:
Thank you for visiting. If you are interested in one of our packages ,please click here and provide the dates you are interested in and we will respond promptly. Also if you have any questions, please utilize the form by clicking here:

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