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Wild Hog Trap Eliminator Gate  

    WILD HOGS have met their demise now that the Wild Hog trap eliminator gate has arrived.  The growing numbers of large Wild Hog traps are beginning to show results, as they are armed with the Gurus Eliminator Gate.  The 8 foot Eliminator Gate allows a large number of Wild Hogs to enter the Wild Hog trap before the Eliminator Gate is tripped by one of the hungry Wild Hogs.  The size of the Wild Hogs or numbers is no match for the Wild Hog Trap Eliminator Gate, when it slams to the ground.  This page will be dedicated to the growing numbers of Wild Hogs that gave their lives to challenge the Wild Hog Trap Eliminator Gate. 

Jerry Richardson shared this great picture of some dead hogs walking.  He used the eliminator gate and stopped this saw from adding several hogs to the wooks.


The Wise Old Redneck Guru spent a few days in April, 2016 eliminating 24 Wild Hogs,  18 sows and gilt and 6 small boars.  Just another successful demonstration of the Wild Hog Trap Eliminator Gate.  The video on the home page shows the 12 Wild Hogs being captured.

Back in December 2014 the Wise Old Redneck Guru traveled to the center of Alabama and assisted Ian Greenspan  construct a wild hog trap on his property.  The pen was completed, equip with the Wild Hog Trap eliminator gate.

On May 1, 2015 Ian captured 15 wild hogs at one time in the trap.  stated. "When you can trap 15 at one time, makes it a lot easier!   They stunk like hell!"

Ian Greenspan

In April 2015 the Wise Old Redneck Guru recieved this picture of 11 large wild hogs from Danny Beyel  .  Danny and his brother purchased the Wild Hog Trap Eliminater gate several months early and constructed their own pen.

Danny stated "the trap works, 11 in one catch"

results of the wild hog trap eliminator gate
eleven wild hogs eliminated by the wild hog trap eliminator gate
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Double  D  Gravity Deer Feeder and Wild Hog Trap Eliminator Gate
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